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Life without a Geiger counter
12.04.2011, 11:00
Life without a Geiger counter
Russia needs new nuclear power plants, but uranium-plutonium and thorium

March 30, 2011, 16:50 ["Case of the Week", Nadezhda Popova]
Life without a Geiger counter

It seems that of all known Russian politicians serious press, in particular, the newspaper "Arguments nedeli", reads only the vice-speaker of the Duma, the LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky. We remind the reader: "EA" always give the material about the problems the nuclear industry. And just a few publications were devoted to thorium energy. It's about her meeting with Putin on the eve of his report to the State Duma on the LDPR leader said on Tuesday.

After the terrible and extraordinary events in the Japanese nuclear power plant "Fukushima" the whole world is reviewing its relationship with the peaceful atom ... But Russia did not have to change drastically. Enough to change the fuel in nuclear reactors: say goodbye to the uranium and plutonium. A new station with a thorium reactor building is underground. No more experiments with plutonium, a half-life which lasts for more than 24 thousand years. We must get rid of the plutonium monster.

Vladimir Putin met with Vladimir Zhirinovsky, drew attention to the fact that it was with the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, he began series of consultations with leaders of parliamentary parties before his speech to the deputies of the Duma, to be held in April. Zhirinovsky suggested that the Prime Minister to give in his report, special attention to the further development of nuclear energy.

- Russian scientists propose to build thorium reactors, the duration of which will be 50 years old - said Zhirinovsky - a harmful effect would be several times smaller. When using this type of fuel can not be what is happening in Japan.

By the way, pompous Rosatom programs for the coming years do not have any projects on the use of thorium. Note also that in numerous publications in "Academy" Rosatom head Sergei Kiriyenko has not responded even once. And when the first material is about the invention of the Novosibirsk physicist Lev Maksimov "Thorium bomb the Russian Edison" (07.05.2007), as told to "EA" people from the surrounding Sergei Kiriyenko, head of Rosatom, at a meeting bluntly asked not to discuss Thorium theme. And even shouted: "Shut up!" ...

Meanwhile, thorium reactors Maximova interested in the National Nuclear Center Karlsruhe (Germany). And hardly pragmatic Germans began to be viewed through a magnifying glass worthless project. And the issue of Russian physics international patent for the invention.

The editorial board of the Academy of Sciences "expresses the hope that Prime Minister Vladimir Putin will take a balanced decision. Today, we are at a crossroads: to leave in the nuclear industry it like it is (including Kiriyenko and his "music" command), and we nervously expect regular news about accidents and stops at the old plant (a state of emergency in nuclear facility Rosatom studiously ignores). Or take a step forward, or rather, not a step, and jump. Translate nuclear power stations on the thorium fuel. Go around the U.S. and France. Norway, China and India. Go around everyone. What might be the prospects? In a vast country, they can be huge. And most importantly - Russia, have ventured on such a leap would be able to protect themselves and from Chernobyl, and from Fukushima. Terrible and themselves nuclear tragedy. But even more terrible consequences of these disasters.

We must make the right choice.
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