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News from the colony of Krasnokamensk
12.04.2011, 11:12
Cons of a "colony Khodorkovsky refused to eat at a table with outcasts
March 30, 17:33 | Vladimir Barinov, George Neyaskin

In the penal colony № 10 in the town of Krasnokamensk Trans-Baikal Region, which previously served a sentence of ex-Yukos CEO Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the protesting prisoners. Within days, some of them refused to take a hot meal, limiting tea and sandwiches with butter. Prison officers have been translated into high alert in anticipation of possible unrest.

As explained GZT.RU Representative Office of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Zabaikalsky edge Oksana Kozhemyakina, unrest in the IR-10 began on Sunday, March 27. According to her, formal cause was the low social status of one of the prisoners. Convicted of the number of "otritsalovki (refusing to cooperate with the administration) have refused to eat together at one table with the orderly. They argue that it is a "pariah." Therefore there with him in the same room is impossible.

However, as clarified Kozhemyakina, it was only a formal reason for the rebellion. And the convicts are not rejected by all the food, but only on hot. Yes, and rebellious themselves not so much. In this case, bread, butter and tea, they continue to consume. Several "agents provocateurs" sent to solitary confinement. Force and non-lethal weapons are not used.

According Kozhemyakin, that is another provocation, and indicates this fact: the orderly, who are dissatisfied with convicts serving sentences since 2002. And over the past 9 years, no information about his alleged low status was not.

According to the representative of the FPS, the colony quickly left team management, including the commissioner for human rights, health officer, psychologists, etc.

Employees of the colony leadership ordered not to travel outside Krasnokamensk that they were able to come to work for a very short time. This is done out of fear that protesters, prisoners can take "illegal actions".

In the FPS point out that what is happening in Krasnokamensk nothing but a continuation of a series of provocations in prisons edge. Those recently in Transbaikalia many colonies. They are connected with the fact that recently replaced the head of the FPS. Last summer, led the management of Colonel Vladimir Basov.

Under his leadership, in penal colonies edge work has begun to strengthen the regime and the rule of law. "From the prisoners began to demand strict compliance regime, the internal regulations, etc. It is perfectly legitimate demands. But the negative-minded prisoners is causing a storm of protest. For example, they do not like the searches during which the seized prohibited items, cell phones, drugs and so on. By the way, attempts to convey such items has also become more ", - said Kozhemyakina.
Known colony

Correctional facility in Krasnokamensk known primarily to the fact that there was serving his prison sentence for tax crimes convict the former head of Yukos, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, where he worked as a packer of finished products in the sewing shop.

Penal colony № 10 FPS of Russia on the edge of Zabaikalsky

The colony is located in the town of Krasnokamensk. Foundation Day, 19 December 1967.

For nearly three decades theme Krasnokamensk and organized here ore mining Uranium Containing been closed as the city itself. At that time there were persistent rumors that the convicts sent to serve his sentence in the IR-10, work on the "uranium mining". In fact, a special contingent trudozanyat on objects BSI (base of the construction industry, several factories for the manufacture of concrete products for the mining and housing), TsARMa (central garages) for repair-mechanical plant.

In the years of perestroika in the colony had been organized teams vyazchikov: whole units engaged in hand-knitted.

In the 1990's began to develop agriculture: convicted planted potatoes, cabbages, cucumbers, bred cows, sheep and pigs.

In April of 2004, formed part of the colony-settlement. Built by a detachment of adaptation of new arrivals to the institution. Powered clothing manufacture, bakery, garage.

Recent reports of an uneasy situation in the Trans-Baikal colonies arrived in January this year when several inmates complained of abuse. Prior to this, in October 2010 in the colony in Krasnokamensk three convicts attacked the head of unit department of educational work with the prisoners and beat him with wooden sticks.

Prison riot "tighten the screws" in Chita colonies

On the mass violence against inmates at two colonies of Chita said Zabaikalsky Advocacy Center. According to volunteers, the night the prisoners broke into commandos and rushed them to beat. Statements received from more than 20 people. FPS of Russia on the edge of Zabaikalsky refutes this information, stating that three prisoners staged provocation, demonstrably causing cuts on his forearms during routine obyskovyh events. The protest was due to the fact that the new leadership of the colony is actively fighting Bringing a prohibited item, in particular drugs.
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