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"Crash" Sergei Kiriyenko?
20.06.2013, 21:27

It seems that the projected appointment of the head of "Rosatom" Sergey Kiriyenko "energetic deputy prime minister" instead of Igor Sechin may fall due to a number of corruption scandals that have occurred in the "Rosatom". By the way, these scandals Duma deputies from the Communist Party have already drawn the attention of Vladimir Putin, in his letter to the prime minister, told The Moscow Post reporter in the State Duma.
"Crash" Sergei Kiriyenko?

Deputy request

MP from the Communist Nikolai Kolomeytsev and nine of his fellow party members have already sent to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin a letter in which the Prime Minister drew attention to the "abuse" in the "Rosatom".

In particular, MPs write about companies that have received "a great deal" for his work on the power plant, but never fulfilled them. "Do not purchased a smaller scale illegal posting of huge public funds, as it did, according to media reports, Sergei Kiriyenko through Sarovbusinessbank", - stated in the letter.

By the way, as it turned out, to the end of 2011, the bank controlled the son of Sergei Kiriyenko, Vladimir, and the company of "Rosatom" actively use its services.

Just deputies ask Putin to commission to verify the legality and validity of the contracts for two major state corporations, as well as to consider the formation of a new government effectiveness officials had inflicted the interests of Russia "tremendous damage." We note that recently the number of economic crimes in the structures' Rosatom "has increased dramatically.


So recently accused the Interior Ministry officials "daughter" of the state corporation "Rosatom" OKB "Hydraulic" in the theft of 26 million rubles.

"Employees GUEB Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in cooperation with the prosecutor's office on the fourth BUT Moscow region revealed embezzlement 26 million rubles, which is suspected of management of the largest enterprises of the state corporation" Rosatom "- OKB" Hydraulic "", - told reporters representative of the Economic Security of the Main Internal Affairs of Russia.

As it turned out, the general designer of OKB "Hydraulic" and his deputy suspected of Information Technology in the fact that in 2011 signed a contract worth 26 million rubles from the trade. The purpose of this contract was to complete a number of activities related to the design elements of the nuclear power plant.

However, these works are made and have not been, and the money was transferred. Just signed fictitious acts of reception and the cost of fictitious works. Then the money was withdrawn on account phony companies.

In the end, it was a criminal case on grounds of crimes under Part 4 of Art. 159 ("Fraud on a large scale"). Unfortunately, this is not the first incident, which occurred in the "Rosatom" lately.

"Feast" for the whole world

The same can not forget the scandal associated with the conduct of corporate governance for the New Year's uranium mining company "ARMZ" ("ARMZ"), part of the State Corporation "Rosatom".

As it turned out, the leadership of ARMZ not stingy, and spent New Year's celebration at 12.5 million rubles allocated from the budget to kompanii.Sredi these "needs" payment was performing at the New Year corporate legendary French singer Patricia Kaas, as well as Russian stars.

Initially, the cost of the party was pulling at 15 million rubles., But then have been spent "only" 12.5 million rubles.

As a result, the acting president "ARMZ" Tigran Khachaturov was reprimanded, and the Director of Procurement lost his job.

Although in this "cuts" in the "Rasatome" does not end there.

Manipulation "Rosenergoatom"

Recall that at the time of the Investigation Department of Interior Ministry has completed the investigation into the theft of 100 million rubles in the supply of manual manipulators. As you know, these cranes were purchased JSC "Concern" Rosenergoatom "" (hereinafter, "Rosenergoatom") for the storage of nuclear waste in the Leningrad and Kursk regions. However, all such purchases were a short-lived companies.

In total, the investigation was pulled procurement mechanism 42 manipulators for two nuclear power stations. By the way, the decision to purchase these manipulators was taken back in 2004, when "Rosenergoatom" was FSUE. As it turned out, the then head of the department of supply FSUE Eugene Portnov decided to make serious cash on delivery manipulators for nuclear fuel storage facilities located in the Leningrad and Kursk AES.On attracted to the development of a fraudulent scheme general director of OOO "Tsentrinvestkomplekt" Roman Glagoleva and his deputy Sergey Tyurin. They in turn took to the Moscow representative of the German company Hans Walischmiller, which makes these manipulators. Initially, Hans Walischmiller was ready to sell the product for 1,858 million euros, however, the fraudsters faked quotation Hans Walischmiller, correcting the 1,858 million euro of 5.5 million euros. And in turn, "Tsentrinvestkomplekt" suggested "Rosenergoatom" put these same manipulators at a price of 5.47 million euros pre-paid 50%. But then, in the course of trading, "Tsentrinvestkomplekt" reduced the price by almost 1 million.

Then, on the prepayment "Tsentrinvestkomplekt" bought from Hans Walischmiller 42 manipulator and resold them "Rosenergoatom" 4.3 million euros. As a result, the fraudsters have remained with the difference in price (between 1,858 million euros and 4.3 million euros), thereby causing harm "Rosenergoatom" at 100 million rubles. But, unfortunately, this is not the only corruption scandal in the structures of the "Rosatom", which is headed by former Prime Minister Sergei Kiriyenko. After the recent round of "Rosatom" is indeed very many scandals.

The arrest of deputy head of "Rosatom"

Take, for example, the recent arrest of former deputy head of "Rosatom" Eugene Evstratova, on which, according to analysts, Sergei Kiriyenko, is trying to dump their guilt and make "extreme".

The fact is that Evstratova accused of carrying out bogus scientific research on nuclear safety and appropriation of funds allocated to them. In this case, according to investigators, Evstratov awarded 22.9 million and 25.5 million rubles. respectively.

Investigators believe that a group of employees of "Rosatom", headed by Evstratova instead of real scientific work was taking someone else's material from the internet and it gave out for the results of their "research", getting over the "discovery" of public money.

This scandal also featured leadership of the St. Petersburg Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Emergency Technical Center of Minatom of Russia" (ATC) and the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Moscow "Center of nuclear security" (TSYAAB).

After all, this is the book with the ATC TSYAAB non-existent research.

But that's not all. After all, even Evstratova accused of complicity in the theft of 60 million rubles. Allocated for the construction of the storage of spent nuclear fuel "Atomflot", which operates the nuclear-powered icebreakers.

By the way, according to rumors, Evstratova just made "extreme" to deflect suspicion from himself Kiriyenko.

However, according to rumors, Evstratov was involved in another controversial case. So, they say that Evstratov was also deputy director of the Nuclear Safety Institute. According to rumors, this scientific institution has a reputation for "laundry", "Rosatom". As the officer is in the RAS, and not in the "Rosatom", is rumored to be very convenient to get big "kickbacks" by getting a part-time job at it. It employs many former big bosses, even the level of deputy minister.

Earlier, The Moscow Post wrote about another high-profile corruption scandals involving himself with Sergei Kiriyenko. After all, back in 2009, according to media reports, the size of theft in the "Rosatom" and its structural units annually at least 10 billion rubley.Tak only the analysis of financial and economic documents of JSC "TVEL-Invest-Technology" reveals the annual cost of this structure amounting to more than 100 million rubles after all, "Rosatom" there are many other "daughters" and the other "partner agencies".

So, for example, 14 June 2007 between the "Rosatom" and the engineering company "AEP" signed a state contract for the construction of the first and second units of Novovoronezh NPP-2. The construction of this facility will be allocated more than 100 billion rubles of public investments for the entire period of construction. From the outset, namely, when the competition for works had been violations of the Federal Law number 94, leaving the winners were affiliated with the management of "AEP" structure. In the preparation of construction documents unreasonably inflated the cost of work performed, the cost of materials to include supply chain companies with fictitious. Also there were irregularities in the course of which the supply of reinforcement was carried out through a series of one-day firms, with the armature does not meet state standards and exceed the real value of 5-7 times, pouring concrete for the lower layers was below the 200 mark. And was bought by a huge overestimation of the real value, there is no license for the construction of nuclear power plants, there is no building permit. These disorders, including process, have resulted in a crack reactor plate.

According to rumors, the construction of large-scale embezzlement of Novovoronezh NPP-2 were held under the supervision of the head "Atomenergoproekt" Vladimir Generalova - closest adviser Sergei Kiriyenko.

And in this case, Mr Kiriyenko also knew nothing?!

In this vaguely believe, after all, Kiriyenko has relatives, friends and countrymen who work directly in the "Rosatom".

"Family Secrets" by Sergei Vladilenovich

Recall that the Office of Asset Protection "Rosatom" is headed by SV Bros, the former head of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Nizhny Novgorod Region, who is married to a cousin of Sergei Kiriyenko.

Next Sofyin, deputy Bratanova safety, also from Nizhny Novgorod.

And he Sergei Kiriyenko was once an authorized representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Volga Federal District, headquartered in Nizhny Novgorod. In addition, Mr Kiriyenko also Nizhegorodets ...

The scandals of a personal nature

By the way, apart from the corruption scandals associated with Mr. Kiriyenko and many other "incidents". So those on the internet forums, flash speculation that Sergei Kiriyenko is homosexual. After about Mr. Kiriyenko has repeatedly appeared "blue" jokes. Once the American edition of Exile even released a number that apparently copied the Moscow Times. On the front page was an article about the dismissal of Kiriyenko from office in 1998, because he had a fight in a gay club "Chameleon" because it did not win a prize in a contest.

In addition to this publicly accused the deputies of the State Duma Sergei Kiriyenko spending too much on a personal public relations at the time, as a number of companies of "Rosatom" is in a difficult financial position.

And after all this, Sergei Kiriyenko still plan to make the vice-premier in charge of all the energy of the Russian Federation?
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