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war in Syria and religious issues
20.06.2013, 21:42

Islamist insurgents are increasingly burning churches and attacking the priests

Война угрожает существованию христиан в Сирии

Фото: REUTERS/Rami Bleibel

In the city of Deir ez-Zor in eastern Syria militants from the Islamist group "Frente al Nusra" set fire to the building of the Orthodox Church. Burned interior and valuable relics, the fate of priests known. According to experts, the insurgency in Syria is increasingly threatened by the very existence of Christians in the country.

- The threat from the Islamists is very real, - says Roman theologian Silant'ev. - How many Christian churches remained active in the Arabian Peninsula, where Salafism plays an important role? And if the radicals prevail in Syria, the ancient tradition of coexistence between Muslims, Christians and Jews in the country will be terminated.

According to experts, it is not necessary to hope for moderate Muslim leaders who could potentially stop the destruction of churches and attacks on Christian community.

- If some of the people and the support of Christians, then quickly share their fate, - the Silant'ev.

In the Patriarchate of Antioch "News" have confirmed that the captured Islamists areas Christians have a really hard time, clerics have been attacked. For example, there is still not released abducted in April Orthodox Metropolitan Paul (Yazici) and the Syro-Jacobite Metropolitan Johanna (Ibrahim).

- Churches are one of the goals of radical attacks - said a member of the National Evangelical Synod of Syria Marie Michael. - As a result, many Christians were forced to flee their homes.

Before the war, the Christian community was about 10% of Syria's population. It even had its own civil courts with their procedural code based on the Bible. And the weekend in its schools and institutions accounted for Saturday and Sunday, not on Friday-Saturday, as across the country.

- And now, many Christian villages in the north of the country were deserted, people are fleeing for fear of persecution - told "Izvestia" deputy director of the human rights organization Human Rights Watch, Anna Neistat, a regular visitor to the opposition-controlled areas of Syria.

Syrian opposition figures themselves, however, denied his guilt and shift the responsibility to the government.

- The Church in Deir ez-Zor burned intelligence - says a member of the opposition Syrian National Council, Mahmoud al-Hamza.

Like it or not, but it is possible that "deal" with the Christians, the Syrian radicals will take over and his "nepravovernyh" brothers and "wrong" shrine.

- Islamists radical clerics are convinced of the need to return to the original purity of Islam. Even the tombs of Muslim saints and all the Muslim culture that emerged after the Prophet Mohammed accepted by them for heresy, - explained the "News" president of the Institute for Middle East Studies Yevgeny Satanovsky.

Christians make up a large part of the approximately 2 million refugees from Syria and 4,250,000 displaced persons. In the Turkish province of Mardin, for example, in the spring built a special camp for the Syro-Chaldeans (the Syrian branch of Christianity. - "Proceedings") who are afraid to live in the general refugee camps, where there is often strong Islamist sentiment.

Read more: http://izvestia.ru/news/552327 # ixzz2WkubReRO
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