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Where Mr. Khodorkovsky sat
12.04.2011, 11:17
NOVOSIBIRSK, March 24 - RIA Novosti. The court temporarily deprived of the right to occupy any post in government and law enforcement structures, the former chief of Krasnokamensk prison and his deputy, finding them guilty of organizing illegal meetings concluded with outsiders, extort money from him, prosecutors said on Friday the Trans-Baikal region, without specifying the date of sentencing.

According to authorities, the chief prison Krivosheev Alex and his deputy for operations Amaev Arslan, the son of the then chief of the regional FPS Yunus Amayeva, in May 2008 on the oral request Amayeva Sr. three times without permission of the investigator arranged meetings concluded with outsiders.

As previously reported result, during these meetings the two men forced the detainee to sign a bogus loan agreement worth more than 4.6 million rubles, and then sign a power of attorney to transfer the ownership and sale of apartments on one of the extortionists. In case of refusal, "visitors" were threatened with physical violence, referring to the support and Krivosheeva Amayeva.

"Interviews with those arrested were held on the territory of the regime building Detention" - says the prosecutor.

The report said that outsiders were allowed back on the written out SIZO and his deputy badges.

Krasnokamensk court found both defendants guilty of the case, part 1 of article 286 of the Criminal Code (abuse of authority) and as a punishment, deprived Krivosheeva right to occupy any position in the state, municipal, law enforcement and criminal-executive system for three years and four months, and Amayeva - for three years.

According to prosecutors, extortionists have also suffered criminalized in a separate case. Details of Office does not.

Krivosheev and Amaev during a criminal investigation had been demoted. Head of the FPS of Russia on the edge of Zabaikalsky Yunus Amaev after the official investigation in December 2009, was dismissed from his post and dismissed from service.

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